Who is Steven Bowman

Steven Bowman grew up listening to and playing just about every style of music, from bluegrass to jazz fusion to rock to classical. He received a Bachelor of Music in violin performance from the University of Memphis in 2010 and has performed at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall in NYC and the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville. Steven has been featured on many recordings, including two by acclaimed CCM artist Phil Wickham. Before joining Loser’s Way Home, he had a newgrass/folk band called Will Tell that toured extensively across Tennessee. This eclectic mixture of musical influence has definitely come into play in Steven’s work with Loser’s Way Home, as he seeks to innovate musically, pushing the violin and his orchestrations to new places. Steven loves being a part of LWH, as it is a band that truly is a family in itself. The quartet has many adventures together on stage, in studio, and throughout life; and that makes the music come to life in extra dimensions. In addition to music, Steven also enjoys movies, coffee, midtown Memphis, and spending time with friends. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and loves to invest in the people around him.